KC's Quick Clip Mix Page!

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So what is this? Quick Clip Mix.......some tongue twister? Not really. It's a new contest that will hook and intrigue you. It requires knowledge of new and past music.There will be a sound file of really quick clips of songs mixed together in one batch. That's why we call it the quick clip mix. Your job is to figure out the singer/group and name of the song.If you are the first one to send me the mail with the CORRECT answers, then you will receive a special prize. Some prizes will be like BIG and HOT looking awards to put on pages, others could be banners specialized for you. And the best prize yet will be held secretly. There will be 1 winner each week, remember, you have to be the 1st one to e-mail me with the correct answers. Here's a clue: There are 6 song clips per batch. Winners will be notified and posted on our site. Good Luck!

Here is this week's Quick Clip Mix:

Quick Clip Mix!

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